Twisting the Senses

I want to know

I want to know: why candy hearts don’t mold when you leave them out in an opened bag for months on end? They stay perfectly preserved, their little pastel colored bodies unharmed and clicking happily when I shove them out of my way.

Confession: I’m a closeted sentimental…I save everything that’s not worth remembering.

So, while we’re on the subject, I also want to know why pinstripes and plaid clash so badly, and why I’ve still kept the pinstripes on the floor of my closet…when anyone in their right mind would have moved on to flannel by now?

To you, that probably didn’t seem on the subject whatsoever…oh well.

Note: I’d also like to emphasize the fact that spoons are by far the sexiest utensil and general object…not only in matters of pillow talk but in matters of smoke rings, as well.

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cyanide and happiness

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Anonymous said: oh hello. how has life been treating you?

Not too bad I suppose. it’s summer so I can’t really complain.

…and yourself?

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Jan Svankmajer Dimensions of Dialogue Part 1

It’s not stop motion, but what IS it? Blew my mind, in any case. Watch all three parts if you want.

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Her Morning Elegance-Oren Lavie

Don’t know why but I am ALWAYS in the mood to hear this song, regardless of what is going on upstairs at the time.

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